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Sherwin Art Glass

PO Box 168 33 Bridge St.

Bellows Falls, Vermont 05101


“I work in the medium of glass and specialize in torchwork design and application.  Using hand-pulled canes of glass made specifically for each design, and a hand-held oxy-propane torch, I melt and shape the tips of the glass canes and apply them to the glass form being created, to achieve the desired design. It is best described as ‘Painting with Glass.’"

Bellows Falls Farmers' Market

P.O. Box 25

Bellows Falls, Vermont 05101


Buy fresh and buy local.  The Farmers' Market attracts regional homegrown and homemade foods for healthy eating solutions.  The market is held at the Waypoint Center on 17 Depot Street on Friday afternoons May through October.  Live music, prepared foods, and a great selection of fresh foods for you to take home and create healthy choices.  Please come and support the farmers!


Main Street Arts

35 Main Street PO Box 100

Saxtons River, VT 05154


Flying Under Radar

PO Box 653

Bellows Falls, VT 05101


Flying Under Radar presenting acoustic music in New England, Roots on the Rails moving music festivals, and the annual Roots on the River Festival in Bellows Falls, Vermont.  Don't forget to check out the unbelievable train and music packages throughout the US.  AND, the November 2016 travel through Vermont on vintage coaches for an unforgettable time.  Check, or email at:

The Orchard School and Community Center

114 Old Setter's Rd

Alstead, NH 03602


We offer year round child care for children ages 2-5, out of school time care for ages 5 and up, summer camps and community enrichment events and programming. We are an area and are an ecology based organization.  We invite you to call and schedule a visit today!

Rockingham Arts and Museum Project

7 Canal St

Bellows Falls, VT 05101


Revitalizing the community by developing awareness of the arts, creating vitality in the community with the arts, and demonstrating that the arts favorably impact the local economy.

Art Makes a Difference is our theme.

Discover the many events and projects happening in the greater Rockingham, Vermont community...and beyond here on our website. The arts in our community have grown exponentially, contributing to the revitalization of our community.

Perhaps you have your own ideas that you would like to see put into action. Whether you are a doer, a contributor, a supporter, a visitor...or just an observer, it's hard to deny makes a difference!

Charlie Hunter

PO Box 653

Bellows Falls, VT 05101


About: Artist Statement

About: Artist Statement

"If it is within the realm of human evolution, or the whim of the Divine, to allow one individual to possess the gift of a natural sense of design, then Charlie Hunter is certainly the lucky winner... No Oriental or Occidental master of the pure line can surpass what Charlie, almost matter-of-factly, does when he takes pencil in hand." - Richard Schmid, ALLA PRIMA II, 2013

I was born in a small town in New Hampshire where we used to swim in the abandoned granite quarries. We had pigs and chickens and rambling barns. I'd walk home from school along the branch line rails of the Boston & Maine, and read the names and slogans on the box cars that'd roll by, things like "The Nickel Plate Road" and "Santa Fe All The Way".....

When they put a highway bypass through our barns, my family returned to the house built by my great, great, great grandfather in Vermont, where my Great Aunts lived. We made (and still make) maple syrup there and had (and still have) a hand-cranked cider press which makes amazing cider but can remove a finger if you're not careful (just ask Uncle Andrew).

My Dad was an occasional minister who ran a small print shop. There was always a lot of paper and drawing stuff around. I drew a lot. Though I did not appreciate it at the time, in college I was lucky enough to be forced to draw the figure three days a week from 8:00 am till noon under the tutelage of William Bailey. Afterwards, I got a job designing tour posters for acts like The Clash and REM and The Jerry Garcia Band. I got to design a lot of album covers.

Now I live back in Vermont on the banks of the Connecticut River with my studio in an old paper mill. There, I like to paint what nature does to what man creates. Of late I have been painting primarily in monochrome, using COBRA raw umber. If feeling sporty, maybe I'll blend in some ultramarine blue, viridian, yellow ochre, burnt sienna or unbleached titanium. Sometimes I'll do some encaustic work. 

If I spoke art-speak, I suppose this is where one would throw in the paragraph about exploration, dialogue, hegemony, duality and so on. But I distrust academic-talk, finding it more excluding than inclusive, so let me just say that I believe contemporary representationalism can be just as exciting and dynamic as any other 'ism' in art. At some point the academy is going to be forced to accept the explosion of activity in a field it left for dead. I hope my work plays a role in where this genre heads in the next decades.

My goal is to paint beautifully that which is not traditionally considered beautiful. Sorta like a less-grotesque Anselm Keifer in a better mood. Thanks for looking.

Popolo Restaurant Group, Inc

36 The Square

Bellows Falls, Vermont 05101


Opened in 2012, Popolo is a community funded restaurant in an historic building in Bellows Falls. The menu focuses on locally-sourced ingredients with an Italian flair. With an exciting cocktail and wine list and regional draft beer, Popolo also promotes a variety of events including concerts, movies, and parties. Across the Square from the Opera House, Popolo is open for dinner Tuesday through Sunday and brunch Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Walpole Artisans

52 Main St

Walpole, NH 03608


Come find hand-crafted wares in a variety of mediums, including paintings, photography, functional and decoraive ceramics and blown glass. Wood and metal Sculptures
as well as jewelry, handmade dolls, found object art, children's furniture, out-of-print books and more!