GFUN Community Dinner, November 20, 5pm, Stone Church

Continuing the tradition of

Rev. Mary Haas…


Join Us for 3rd Monday

Free Community Dinners

Next Dinner on

Monday, November 20 at 5pm

(We will have Dinners on the 3rd Monday of each month)


The Stone Church, Immanuel Episcopal

School Street, Bellows Falls, VT


Coming together to share a meal, conversation, support and ideas…


Everyone is Welcome!


This month hosted by

SEVCA (Southeastern Vermont Community Action)


Details or to Help - call Telos W., 802-376-4977

Monday, November 20, 2017 - 5:00pm
GFUN Dinner, Sponsored by SEVCA
THe Stone Chruch, Immanuel Church, School St, Bellows Falls, VT