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Bruce Denis Photography

Bruce Denis Photography

267 Broad St
Claremont, NH 03743

(603) 678-9138


I enjoy creating photos that share my first impressions. Do you remember the first time you ate a chili pepper, watched an ocean sunrise, or listened to a live acoustic guitar. Nothing tastes so sweet as your first bite of chocolate, so tart as your first sip of lemonade. I take my first impressions and express them in photographs.

They can come colorful, saturated, and vibrant like graffiti on a wall. Or graceful and elegant like winter snow. When you sit for portraits I get my impressions of you, your family, or your business. These I can translate to photos that express character, mood, dedication, or commitment.

They're the world's eyes into you. Let the image always be fresh, let the laughter linger in the air, and give everyone an impression that will last long after you parted ways.