Looking to relocate?  We are sure you can not only find the perfect home and business location.  With the professional, friendly real estate agents we know you will find the perfect match place to hang your hat. 

The Great Falls region is an ideal place to set up shop, whether you're a CEO seeking an affordable site and a skilled workforce, an artisan needing a charming storefront in which to sell your wares or a newcomer looking for entrepreneurial opportunities in a family-friendly community where you can raise your kids in a peaceful place and still make a good living. This region supports a broad range of commercial ventures, including corporations, national/regional franchises, mom-and-pop shops, sophisticated sole proprietorships and non-profit cooperative enterprises.

It's no surprise to locals that three of the top five fastest growing corporations in Vermont are located at the center of the Great Falls region. This is home to many thriving commercial ventures that have relocated here from bigger cities, bringing with them opportunities and energy that is matched only by the eagerness of residents to be a part of the exciting growth that's happening here. There are also many telecommuters operating successful businesses which they transferred here from places like New York City, San Francisco and Chicago -- thanks to fundamental services such as DSL broadband, Fed-Ex, UPS and Airborne Express. With real estate at a fraction of the cost of what it is in those areas, the commercial space here is enough to encourage business owners to consider this area for their professional ventures.

Since it also boasts a willing and able employee base, a healthy amount of tourism and a constant influx of families and individuals relocating here from all over the globe, the Great Falls area is fast becoming a destination for business owners seeking solid financial footing as well as a meaningful quality of life. 

Comprehensive practical services and cultural amenities here make it appealing on personal and pragmatic levels as well; the only difference is they're far more affordable and there's parking right out front. For instance, there are four major hospitals under 30 minutes away and a wide range of excellent physicians and dentists as well as numerous alternative health facilities. 

As far as entertaining your clients, colleagues and employees, this region is home to every type of dining experience, from four-star haute cuisine to cozy bistros to retro railcar diners to corporate function facilities (even a few national fast-food chains, but don't tell anyone). For a complete look at the region's many diversions, check out the Cultural Life and Relocating Info sections.

The Vermont Young Professional website has great resources for all Vermont entities.  Click here for more information:

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