Find everything you need and more in the Great Falls Region! There are beautiful and quaint shops throughout the region that fit every taste and every budget. Whether you are traveling through Vermont or New Hampshire, be sure to stop in our region and shop in both states. Convenient off exit 5 or 6 from I-91 in Vermont and take the bridge back and forth between New Hampshhire and Vermont. Local crafts, antiques, art, attractions, and farms are laced throughout this Connecticut Valley area offering places to shop and things to do both inside and outside. Come Shop! You won't be sorry.

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Pete's Stand

Pete's Stand

Route 12
Wapole, NH 03608

(802) 376-4737

There's more than vegetables at Pete's Stand! Meat, Maple Products, Baked Goods, Dairy Products, Coffee, Chocolate, Eggs, Honey, Canned Goods, Spices & Pickles